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Sometimes Dogs Look Like Cats

I was hanging out with my Aunty Mary when I saw this big cat.

I signed ::cat:: and then my Aunty Mary started laughing. She told me it wasn't a cat, it was a really hairy dog. I signed ::dog:: and she nodded her head.


Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day in honor of the conception of the bubble wrap 50 years ago.

I'm really glad someone smart invented bubble wrap.

My Aunty Mary Forgot Safety Comes First

My Aunty Mary is lots of fun. She walks with me to the park by my Grandma's house.

She isn't very safe, though. We were walking and she wanted to cross the street but I saw a car coming so I refused to walk. She tugged on my hand but I stood my ground. Just because the car was driving on the main road didn't mean it couldn't turn off onto the street we were going to walk on.

Then we were walking in a crosswalk and the walking man turned into a flashing red hand and I stopped walking and signed stop. She tugged on my arm and told me I couldn't stop in the middle of the street. Maybe she didn't see the red hand.

I Am A True Artist

I take my artwork very seriously. I love to cut, draw, glue, paint and trace.

Here's one of my latest masterpieces:

My Mommy sent this one to my Aunty Mary.


I Made A Mistake

I was looking at my PECS icons when I put something I wasn't supposed to put in my mouth. Grandpa got mad and yelled at me. He told me to throw it away. I went over to the trash can and threw it away but I accidentally also threw away one of the PECS icons.

When it was time for my Mommy and me to go home tonight, my Mommy counted the icon cards and one was missing. Grandpa, Aunty Patti and my Mommy had to search Grandma's entire house to try and find the missing icon.

Finally, my Mommy found it in the trash can. I was so embarrassed - I hid my face in Aunty Patti's shirt.


I Am Angry!

Lately, I've been feeling a lot of anger towards my family. I give them dirty looks to let them know this.

Aunty Patti gets sad and asks me why I look at her like this. My Mommy just ignores me.

Grandpa asked my Mommy if I am having eye problems. I gave him a dirty look and he asked me if I was able to see.

My Mommy Wants Me To Work All The Time

We had a walk-a-thon today at school. They expected us to walk a full lap but then I saw apples, bananas, and oranges at the snack table so I started signing ::all done:: to let them know it was time for me to eat.

They also had music so I had to stop every once in awhile to dance.

My Dad said we should have called it a 'snackathon' instead of a walk-a-thon.

Sometimes My Mommy Yells At Other People

For some reason, My Mommy is always yelling at me. I don't know why. She has no sense of humor. She doesn't think it's funny when I throw things out the car window. My Daddy got me new shoes and I threw them out the window on the freeway and that cracked me up. I couldn't stop laughing but she got really mad and wouldn't stop yelling at me. Then she had to call both my aunties and tell them what I did. She's such a tattletale.

On Wednesday, instead of taking me to The Jungle or the park to play, my Mommy dragged me to the Verizon Wireless store. I guess the Verizon workers did something wrong because my Mommy started yelling at them. Instead of trying to find something fun to do in the store, I sat down next to my Mommy and held her hand for support. She yelled and yelled and yelled. I sat there like a good little girl and didn't say a word.

My Conceited Mommy Gets Scared Easily

My newest hobby is yanking my hair out of my head. For some reason, it really upsets my Mommy.

Anyways, I had managed to yank out a good sized chunk and I put it on the carpet. My Mommy walked by and started screaming. I couldn't understand what she was getting all worked up about but then she started screaming, "There's a mouse!" I looked around but I didn't see a mouse. Then I realized she had mistaken my clump of hair for a mouse. She's so silly.

My Mommy is really, really conceited about her long hair. She thinks she has the most beautiful hair in the world and she would never yank her hair out so this makes her very mad.

I remember one time we were at a hotel and Aunty Mary got really brave and touched my Mommy's hair. Aunty Patti and I got really scared for Aunty Mary's life but luckily My Mommy didn't kill her. I would have been sad if something happened to Aunty Mary because she's so much fun and she always lets me do whatever I want.

My Mommy Gets Embarrassed Easily

Aunty Mary bought me an Elmo Visits The Doctor DVD because she thought it might help me because I'm so scared of the doctor.

In the video, the doctor checks Elmo's heart with a stethoscope. Aunty Mary put her hand over her heart and said, "Ba buump, ba buump." I copied her and also pounded my fist up and down.

When I showed my Mommy, she got upset and yelled, "Aunty Mary must have taught you to pound your chest violently!"

Anyways, when my Mommy went to back-to-school night yesterday, my teacher mentioned something strange happened. My teacher told my Mommy that we were learning about body parts in class and when we got to the heart, I started pounding my chest. Instead of telling the teacher I was demonstrating how my heart beats, my Mommy got all embarrassed and said she had no idea what I was doing. She's such a liar.